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St Mary's School Pune

1. Anaisha has set a record in “INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS” for pronouncing and spelling the 10 longest English words within 3 minutes at the age of 6 yrs. She is the Youngest in India to achieve this feat. This achievement has received digital media coverage pan India. Also, recently this achievement has been telecasted on 2 national TV channels viz. Sudarshan TV and Sadhana channel.

2. She won a Merit award (trophy) in a National Level Rubik Cube Championship held in Mumbai, at the age of 4.5 years.

3. She won the 1st prize in Tell-Ur-Tale Challenge organized by WizkidsCarnival at the age of 5. Her story has been published in their e-magazine.

4. Along with her cubing (3 cubes) and Storytelling skills, she was recognized as “INDIA’S YOUNG WONDER” by Intelligence Plus and the same was featured in their online parenting summit.

5. She has been interviewed by NEWSSHUTTLE (newspaper for kids) for memorizing and recalling a deck of cards and for solving the Rubik’s cube without looking.

6. She won the 3rd prize for composing and narrating a beautiful poem in the “Rhyme your thoughts” challenge organized by WizkidsCarnival.

7. She has earned the “Rising Artist title award” in all India National level art contest organized by Art Chitrakala.

8. Have won medals in sports day in Prim Rose and St. Mary’s school.

9. She has won a Honorable Mention award as a Master Orator in an Elocution competition.

10. She has won ‘The most innovative Salad’ award in a salad making competition organized by Toss it.

11. She has won a ‘Spectacular Performer’ award, from ‘Knack Hunt’ for all her skills and achievements.

12. She solves a 6by6 Sudoku puzzle in less than 2 minutes.

13. She has memorized and can recall CUBES OF NUMBERS FROM 1 TO 25, in less than a minute.

14. She knows all the capitals of Indian states and Union Territories.

15.She can solve a 3X3 Rubik’s cube without looking at the cube.