Group Project Display

St Mary's School Pune

Saturday, 11th Feb 2016 was the day for Celebrating India in all its diversity and splendour. The grounds of the Boys’ Section were splashed with colourful banners and streamers, Can you imagine the air of anticipation and enthusiasm with which the parents entered through the Boys’ Section gate? Their little boys were going to give their first ever presentation!

45 boys had divided themselves across ten different states of India. And every single boy had something to share - whether it was his research on some interesting facts about his state, or the field visit that his group had undertaken, or what they had learned through their projects.

Story telling under the iconic Banyan Tree of the Boys’ section by the 9 year olds, a very tastefully done up Art Corner displaying Different Strokes by the little artists of Std 4 and a Food court dishing out Goodies from the various states by our own little Foodies of Std 4… all added to the excitement and learning.

-Mrs. S. Kulkarni

St Mary's School Pune

Thursday, February 9, 2017 saw the culmination of Projects by the boys of Std 5 that were presented to their parents.

There was an air of curiosity early in the morning, as desks issuing visas and passports were lined in the boys’ section campus. Soon, the parents started filing in and they were issued passports filled by their children. They then had their visas stamped by boys of Std 5. They used their boarding passes to board an SMS airways flight that would take them Around the World in 80 minutes.

“Globetrotter”, was the theme of the Std 5 presentations this year. The boys had done their research in groups of 5 on various countries of their choice.

To keep the project research current and relevant, many boys presented News from their countries. Also, in the course of their research, they examined how the relationship of their chosen nation was with India. They also found out a few problems their country faced and offered their own solutions for those problems.

It was a confluence of various skills - Research, IT, Social, Communication, Teamwork, Organisational, Public Speaking and several others.

Every single boy of Std 5 came confidently before the audience and presented some part of the project that was supported by a slideshow.

- Mrs. S Kulkarni

St Mary's School Pune

Friday, 10th Feb 20-16

Loud voices and arguments were being heard from the Boys’ Assembly Hall around mid-day, raising a concern. But one need not have worried. It was just the Challenge Rounds during the Model United Nations. Yes, for the first time, 11 year old boys of Std 6 were participating in SMMUN. The agenda for the MUN was “Prevention of Terrorism in the MENA region”. It was ably conducted by Aryan Agarwal and Moksh Gadia of Std 9.

This was a novel way of presenting their projects. There were 11 countries represented at the MUN. The students had done extensive research on their countries. The groups first gave a short presentation on their country and then got headlong into Debates and Challenges.

The young boys impressed us with their research, knowledge, sensitivity, maturity and quick thinking.

- Mrs. S Kulkarni