Landmark Events

The School is founded. Archbishop Leigh-Lye issues a circular to the residents of Poona stating that “a day school for girls is desired to fulfill the same purpose as the Bishop School for boys…..“An appeal for Rs. 500/- is made, and a headmistress, Mrs. Woods, is engaged.

The name of the School is officially changed from the Bishop’s School for Girls, to St. Mary’s School.

The School is handed over to the Sisters of the Community of St. Mary the Virgin. They had come from England the year before.

The foundation stone of St. Lucy’s dorm is laid.

A special holiday is given to mark the fact that the numbers had reached 250 !

The Preparatory School is built. Sister Doreen was the Superior.

President Rajendra Prasad visits the School.

Beginning of the large expansion in buildings, that were required to keep pace with the rapid growth of the School. Sister May was the driving force.

Sister Mary Frideswide presides over the Centenary Celebrations.

“She Stoops to Conquer” is staged.

The Nursery Building and the Cookery Block are inaugurated. In 1969, the Reverend Mother General- Mother Barbara Charis decided to separate the posts of Sister Superior and Principal- until then they had always been one.

On 20th December 1969, Sister Mary Columba was blessed as Sister Superior and *Sister Valeria was appointed Principal.In February 1971, Sister Christine Yeshoda became Acting Principal and took over from Sister Valeria while Sister Mary Columba continued as Sister Superior.

The end of an era. Sister Mary Frideswide was the Last Sister Superior and Sister Christine Yeshoda is the Last Sister Principal.

Mrs. Elizabeth Matthew takes over as Principal.

The new Classroom Block is dedicated to the CSMV Sisters by the Rt. Rev. I. P. Andrews, Bishop of the Diocese

Inauguration of the new Auditorium by Municipal Commissioner K.S.Siddhu.

The addition of new classrooms and a face-lift given to the Science Block.

The swimming pool is inaugurated by the Rt. Rev I. P. Andrews, Bishop of the Diocese.

The new Hostel building is inaugurated by the Rev. D. S. Pathak, Presbyter of St. Mary’s Church. All the 120 boarders were accommodated in this building.

125th Anniversary Celebrations. Sister Mary Frideswide is the Guest of Honour.

A new section for boys is started in St. Lucy’s Building.

The New Boys’ School Building becomes functional.

The Boarding section is closed down and the Day School is expanded.

A face-lift is given to the administrative block and staff residential quarters on the first floor are converted into classrooms.

Mrs. Elizabeth Matthew retires as Principal and is appointed Executive Director of the School. Miss Jessica Simoes takes her place as Principal on 15th March 2006.

Mrs Elizabeth Matthew was appointed Executive Director till her passing away in April 2009. The post of Executive Director has been abolished since then.

Mrs. Sujata Mallic Kumar is appointed as the new Principal after Ms. Jessica Simoes resigns.

The Sesquicentennial celebrations of 2016 was a watershed movement in the history of the School. All stakeholders participated in the yearlong activities with great enthusiasm and fervour. The Parents’ Committee was particularly instrumental in organizing Fund-raisers to upgrade the School infrastructure.

In the Academic Year 2023-2024 , Mrs. Sujata Mallic Kumar has been appointed as Executive Director of the School.

Mrs Caroline Diane Ross has taken over as the New Principal.