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The FLL Team, Robolutions, of the St. Mary’s Robotics Club, won an award at the recently concluded First Lego League Tournament, Conducted by US First. ...Our Robotics term started alongside our school term in June and on the very first day we were divided into two teams which were later given the names ROBOFALCONS and NUKETECH. The Robofalcons comprised of - Arnaav Sareen, Janak Chabria, Anish Pasricha and Shlok Sagar.
The Nuketech comprised of Arnav Barve, Dhruv Bhotra and Asher Wycliffe.
Throughout the year we have learnt a lot and it was not only confined to building the robot and matters related to math and science but we also learnt about essential aspects of life like teamwork, cooperation with each other and aspects of inclusion. This experience of being in the Robotics Club has enriched each and every one of our personalities and has been unforgettable.
In our regional tournament “The FLL 2017 – Animal Allies Challenge” was organized at the Zydus School, Ahmedabad on 21st January 2017. Eight qualified teams, including our two teams, took up the challenge. Team Robofalcons got a medal for the Best Core Values and also Good Code of Conduct. This medal made worthwhile the effort we put in the whole year and made us believe that with hard work anything is possible. Arnaav Sareen, 8 D.

St Mary's School Pune

The Speech and Drama Club, conducted by specialised faculty, offers students a captivating platform to explore the art of expression.... Through engaging activities, students enhance their communication skills, boost self-confidence, and develop a flair for storytelling. This creative outlet fosters camaraderie among peers, as students collaborate on performances that celebrate diverse narratives. The club's nurturing environment empowers participants to unlock their full potential on stage and in everyday life, leaving a lasting impact on their personal and academic journey.

St Mary's School Pune

The School Choir regularly participates at our
Speech Day and Graduation Day.The boys also have their own orchestra, which performed live at the Speech Day held in October 2015.

St Mary's School Pune

This is a place where the students of the Girls' Section work together towards comprehending nature, its conservation and sustainability. Its aim is to restore nature... in a passive and easy way, that's artistic, fun and enjoyable for the students.
Awareness about the subject stays the first aim of the club and they work by creatively passing the message; either by painting an enlightening scene over a sheet and displaying it, or writing one liners on a t-shirt, making informative book marks that come handy while reading a book, and so on.

St Mary's School Pune

In a country like India where Cricket is the most popular sport, it is difficult for indoor sports like
Chess to receive adequate encouragement. ...But in St. Mary’s School every sport gets equal importance.
The Chess Club began in 2014. It has attracted the girls who like playing the game and want to keep practising and sharpening their skills.The Chess Club is held every Saturday in the School library. It improves one’s concentration and problem solving ability.

St Mary's School Pune

Stories are magical; poetry is the music of the soul. The Writers’ Club, as the girls fondly call it, meets twice a week to weave stories and poems, keep... imagination alive and kindle it when inspiration threatens to run dry. Conducted by children’s writer Varsha Seshan, an alumnus of St. Mary’s School, the club encourages girls from classes six and seven to express themselves to the best of their ability, exploring the realms of beauty and creativity.

St Mary's School Pune

With the help of Dr. Surekha Bhalerao and their dedicated teachers, the students of classes six and seven of the Girls' Section, are enjoying their time in. ...Girls now understand the importance of using natural ingredients for cosmetic purposes. They have prepared one more batch of moisturizer with Lemon and Orange flavour. They plan to make lip balm and scrub , next.