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Excited voices called out to each other as ladies or should we call them ‘girls’ walked in through the gates of St. Mary’s on the warm, balmy afternoon of the 15th of January. They were the alumni of the school who had been invited to walk around the campus and re-live their school days – some even in their School uniforms - as part of the sesquicentennial year celebrations. The SMS Circle and the Tile Wall grabbed their attention and gave them ample opportunity to click their ‘selfies’. A nostalgic tour of the verdant campus, the classrooms, the chapel and the sports grounds drew loud exclamations as they recalled those wonderful days. Some of the more agile ladies even ventured to a round of basketball!!

The alumni were then seated in the auditorium where they revelled in the delightful music provided by the school choirs. A film showing an interview with a very lucid and composed Sister Valeria at Wantage was probably the most memorable part of the evening. Her words were so meaningful and relevant in today’s world.

Words of the school song, tea along with snacks from the school canteen and memorabilia bought from our “Store of Nostalgia” ensured that memories of school would remain entrenched in their minds for a very long time!