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St Mary's School Pune

The Inter-School English Debate hosted by the Sardar Dastur Nosherwan Girls’ High School was held on the 8th of August, 2017. The subject of discussion, in tune with the times, was ‘Freedom today – is not only misinterpreted, but also misused.’ Speakers from the 12 participating schools argued passionately over the topic, skilfully drawing in the audience. In the rebuttal round which followed, the participants asked their assigned opponents challenging questions, to which they responded with aplomb. Eventually, the St. Mary’s Girls’ team, comprising Sera Gandhi and Stuti Aswani, emerged victorious, voted best team by the panel of distinguished judges. The St. Mary’s Boys’ Section team too covered themselves with glory, Armaan Mali bagging the Best Speaker award and Rohan Gupta putting in a spirited effort as he spoke against the motion.