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St Mary's School Pune

4th of December 2015 will go down in the chronicles of St. Mary’s as one the most successful, fun filled events.

The inauguration began on the centre field with Rev. Kenseelan Azhariah saying a prayer, while our Chairperson Mrs. Delvis released the balloons to mark the beginning of the Carnival. The students declared the SMS CARNIVAL open. The Board members, the Principal and the vice principals then proceeded towards the “Store of Nostalgia” for its inauguration.

The school looked gay and happy with bright posters, banners, colourful stalls, umbrellas and gazebos. The SMS CARNIVAL not only had a variety of eats but also stalls for “Face painting, a “Photo booth”, a ”Fortune teller” and gaming zones, many games stalls including the ever popular “Tambola” the Raffle and the Request stalls. The D.J. and the Flash Mobs and a “Live Band” gave the Carnival a totally professional look. The “Store of Nostalgia” stole the show as it was the school’s very own store selling customised wares specially designed for the St. Mary’s students and alumni. The store offered hoodies, bags, shot glasses, magnets,key chains and many more.

The beauty of this carnival was that it was jointly put up by all the three sections and thus spread over our huge grounds. Parents, grandparents, and alumni had a gala time with the kids.

We await the rest of our Sesquicentennial events, which we are sure will be grand in typical St. Mary’s style and tradition.