St. Francis House Assembly

St Mary's School Pune

On the 16th of August we had our house assembly. All our hard work paid off. The hall looked beautiful with the decorations all over. Eventually we began. We had Mrs. Mallic Kumar unveil the house banner to inaugurate the assembly which was something which had never been seen before in school. Then the event began with a short prayer and a hymn. Then, a few boys spoke about St. Francis and how he had changed from being a 'rich kid’ to the saint we know him as. We then had our house song, after which we spoke about and also enacted a skit on our motto, Compassion. Lots of the students felt that the skit was the best part of the assembly. This was just a day after Independence Day however, and we wanted to remind everyone just how proud we should be of our country. We had a dance depicting unity in diversity and the different cultures of our country. And last but most certainly not the least we re-enacted great freedom fighters and narrated their most famous speeches, like the tryst with destiny by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The assembly went on very well with all the teachers and students leaving the hall feeling happy and proud.

- Anish Pasricha, X D, (St. Francis House Vice Prefect).