Addressing Teenage Issues

St Mary's School Pune

Most of us teenagers face difficulties while going through our period of adolescence, and need help to face it with a steady state of mind. To help us overcome these difficulties, Dr. Swati Mohite conducted a talk on the 7th of April, 2016.

The girls of Class 8 and 9 assembled in the Girls’ Section hall that morning, and were told about the various changes during adolescence, and how to deal with the peculiarities of this stage. We were informed about changes that we as teenagers may feel to be abnormal, but are a normal part of growing up.

Issues that were addressed and discussed were extreme mood swings, menstruation, proper nutrition and diet, self-confidence, changes in physical appearance, and relationship problems. A lot of questions were put forth by the students (in the question box) and this anonymity allowed the students to discuss their problems freely.

She concluded the talk by encouraging us to open up to adults in case of any difficulties. She also welcomed us to contact her whenever necessary.