Memories That Never Fade

St Mary's School Pune

The farewell for the Boy’s Section of St. Mary’s School was held on 21st January, 2017. It was officially our last day at St. Mary’s. It was the day to bid farewell to our teachers and our school which had become a second home for us. The farewell party was organized by our esteemed teachers and the students of class 9. The students with whom we had spent eleven long years in this renowned institution looked like young, handsome gentlemen, unblemished in their adorning suits, ready to face the world which is very demanding.

Our fellow classmates shared their school life experiences and expressed their sincere gratitude to the school as well.

During the farewell the event of choosing the Mr. SMS was organized. The contest began with a ramp walk and all 43 graceful boys tried their best to impress the judges. So after the ramp walk fifteen boys were shortlisted. The second round was an activity round, where the one who tossed a table-tennis ball on the bat for the maximum time would go to the third round. Five boys went to the final round. The final round was a Question and Answer round. The question was “Would you have been a different person if you had studied in a Co-ed School?” All five gave their diverging views on the question put forward to them. The final verdict was given and Vikram Patil was given the title of Mr. SMS 2016-2017.

After this we were served a lavish meal. The night concluded with a photography session by the students with the teachers. These moments would be cherished by each one of us forever.