Flameless Cooking

St Mary's School Pune

The Little Chefs at SMS

Flameless cooking was held on 13th, 14th and 15th February, 2018 for the classes I, II and III. The enthusiasm and excitement amongst the boys started much earlier with the boys teaming up and forming their own groups and mothers coordinating the items to be sent.

Class I D was on the move with the sandwiches they had to prepare. They made a variety of healthy sandwiches using brown bread, olives, lots of vegetables, cheese, mayonnaise and green chutney. Their high spirits throughout the activity made the day a hit.

Class II D were super excited with their favourite theme on custards. They came up with delicious and creative recipes that left everyone’s mouth-watering. From fruits and jellies, chocolates and nuts, to cakes and creamery the custards were presented with varied combinations and in the most palatable manner.

Class III D prepared some amazing chaats. The teams made pani puri, spdp, papdi chaat, bhel, samosa chat and also a healthy corn chaat. In their aprons and chef hats, the boys displayed tremendous team work to present chaats par excellence.

A truly yummy yum day for the young master chefs.

Mrs. Roshni Jaswani, Class teacher- III D