Flameless Cooking 2018

St Mary's School Pune

The school took a great initiative in organising flameless cooking for the boys of Std I, II and III.

A little bit of competition mixed with teamwork made it a great learning environment.

Our little ones showed a tremendous amount of confidence by presenting and speaking about their recipes to the panel of judges.

They even came up with fancy names for the items which they prepared.

We got a chance to interact with the other parents in the class too. From making charts to buying ingredients to making little chef badges to encourage our little ones, we enjoyed everything.

The demo cooking class which the college students organised was very informative.

We enjoyed the tasting session and all the yummy treats. We would like to thank the teachers and all the staff members who helped out in making this event a success We look forward to more initiatives like these which will bring out the best in our children.

(mother of Brendan Rozario, I D )