Senior Interhouse English Debate

St Mary's School Pune

3rd July, 2017-the day we all had been waiting for, for it was this very day, one of the most anticipated events of the school year-the Senior Inter-house English debate was held.

The day of this event was one of eager anticipation. Each year, the topic for the debate is based on a public issue. This year, the topic was:-“The values of a child can only be instilled in the home environment”

For some of the participants from the 8th standard, it was the first time they had ever spoken up on stage. Nevertheless, they brushed their feelings of anxiety and stage fright aside, expressing themselves in a confident manner.

All the speakers did a great job, presenting their points in front of the audience articulately. Marks were given not only for the points mentioned by the speakers in their speeches, but also for body language and the manner of expression. The real-life examples, references and quotes put forward by the speakers were exemplary. Not only were their speeches very compelling, but they also had a wild sense of humor about them, especially Kartik Gokhale.

The results of the debate were given out the very next day. St. Francis House emerged victorious, followed in second place by St. Peter’s House and in third place, St. Paul’s House. Armaan Mali, of St. Peter’s House, won the award of best speaker, while Sagneek Basu of St. Francis House was the 2nd best speaker.

Tanuj Behera