St. Peter's House Assembly

St Mary's School Pune

We had the St. Peter's house assembly on the 29th of June. Instead of celebrating it as a festival, we celebrated it on St. Peter's Day. It wasn't an entertaining show like the previous years but, was a solemn assembly strongly giving out the message of commitment with St. Peter as an example.

The assembly was inaugurated by Mrs. Mallic Kumar and Reverend Daniel who lit the candles. We started the day with a word of prayer and then sang the hymn, ‘Seek Ye First’ followed by a speech on St. Peter. There was also a video showing all the sacrifices he made and how committed he was to doing what is right. We then spoke about our house motto, ‘Commitment’ and had a clip on how commitment is what will help us in achieving our goal.

At the end of the assembly, Mrs. Mallic Kumar and Reverend Daniel addressed the audience and shared the importance of commitment and the relevance of the video that showed us St. Peter's life.

Karan Barnabas, St. Peter’s House Prefect, X D