The Robot Challenge - St. Mary’s Robotics Club

St Mary's School Pune

“Use your imagination, present your creation” These were the words on the flyers put up in classrooms, announcing The Robot Challenge, a competition organized by team SM Tech of the St. Mary's Robotics Club. The competition was organized as a part of Community Outreach to spread awareness of the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics among the young minds of classes 4 to 7. The challenge was simple- the students had to use their creativity to design a robot of their own. Two topics were put down for them to choose from- they could tell us about their Dream Robot, or create a A Robot for A Cause. The students could express their ideas in any way they liked- through poetry, art, song and presentation. The sky was the limit.

The response was overwhelming. The students enthusiastically penned down their ideas, wrote poems, made drawings, presentations and models. It was astonishing to see such young children express such intelligent ideas- some students wanted to clean the world, others wanted to clean the mind through their robots.

The Challenge was a huge success, as it brought the thoughts and ideas of the young students to light and showed everyone that age is no restriction to those who want to make the world a better place.